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Explore more details about our identity, activities, and the driving forces behind our success in the AI Engineering sector within India.
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Pioneering the forefront of innovation, we are a visionary agency harnessing the power of AI in the dynamic landscape of India.
Expertise in Advanced Deep Learning Techniques
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Design and Optimization of Cutting-Edge Machine Learning Models
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Fueled by an unyielding dedication to pushing the limits of technology, venturing into unexplored territories, and crafting solutions that not only tackle current challenges but also shape the future of artificial intelligence.
Crafting Precision AI Solutions
Tailoring bespoke AI solutions to distinct client needs, ensuring unparalleled precision and optimal performance.
Seamless Integration and Scalability Mastery
Mastering the art of seamlessly integrating and scaling AI solutions, navigating dynamic technological landscapes with finesse.
Cultivating Client Success Through Collaboration
Nurturing strong client partnerships, ensuring AI solutions are woven into the fabric of business success.
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Delivering holistic artificial intelligence solutions with 24/7 support from our proficient team.
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AI consultant
Sandeep Bharadwaj
Lead AI Consultant
S. Bharadwaj
Sandeep Bharadwaj has over 29 years of experience working for securities brokers, exchanges and hedge funds in the United Kingdom, India, and Hong Kong. He has traded equities, bonds, and currencies and built algo based trading systems. Sandeep has headed businesses for DE Shaw and Tradition. He was also CEO of Tower Capital, Head of OTC Derivatives for Tata Consultancy Services and worked for Moody’s Analytics. Sandeep has also founded a technology company, currently specialising in AI. Sandeep is a former advisor to the Bombay Stock Exchange, where he served on its Technical Advisory Board. Sandeep also served on the Board of Advisors for Etrade UK, where he was instrumental in major changes and improvements in the trading system. Sandeep holds an MBA from Manchester Business School and Mechanical engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology.
CEO AI Engineer
Stuart Dawsons
Lead AI Engineer
S. Dawsons
Led by Stuart Dawsons, our company, with a lead AI engineer at the helm, is a pioneering force in redefining AI solutions. Rooted in India's dynamic landscape, we bring over a decade of expertise, focusing on machine learning and smarter AI solutions. Our commitment to excellence revolves around India's technological hub, with a strategic impact extending across the subcontinent. As we navigate global landscapes, our primary focus is on delivering cutting-edge AI solutions that fuel success within India and its neighboring nations.